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Management Committee Nominations 2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The following five members have nominated to join the next Management Committee, to which there are only four slots available. To vote, simply follow the link below and submit your vote. Voting closes on the 2nd of September/Annual General Meeting night. Results will be announced at the meeting.

All SCCSA members are permitted to vote - excluding Associate, Junior and/or members under the age of 28.


Born Riverton 1957 – Farm boy for 15 years. Moved to Belair in 1974. Apprenticeship at Kelvinator’s 1975 with Craig Sparks (he introduced me to the SCC). Joined SCC in 1976 and immediately competed in Mudsprints and at Collingrove, became a flag marshal at AIR. In 1989 started the first HQ committee as Member HQRSA (HQ Racing SA), helped form HQRSA to become a section of SCC. Two years as Competition Secretary of HQRSA. Re-joined SCC, did Mudsprints with my son until they finished. Started in 2001 All About Cars as a licensed vehicle dealer until present (trust me I’m a used car salesman). Raced Group N 2010-2015. HTCA Committee Member 2010- 2015. HTCA Club person of the year 2013 and Social Secretary 2013-2014. 2013-2018 HRR Committee. Now competing in Historic Racing with a Hartwig Fargo Group K. Also on Vintage Collingrove Committee.

I believe experience in running a small business for 20 years, passion for all types of cars and love for this great Club and all the Sections will bring a balanced and informed point of view to keeping this Club’s history and future intact. My aim is to create a more fun and humored club environment to be enjoyed by all. I would be honoured to serve on this Club’s Management Committee. I have enjoyed my first twelve months on the Management Committee and I believe I have successfully contributed and have vision for the Club’s future.


When I joined in October 1977 it was so that I could become Secretary of the Historic Racing Register, and I still wish to offer something to the Club. When Kevin joined the Club, long before ’77, I attended many Veteran and Vintage rallies, helping in all sorts of ways. It seems that I have been actively involved in most sections of the Club since then. I have had the privilege of being the HRR chair twice, President, long term member of the Executive Committee (Man Com now) and Life Member. I was involved in the move from Beulah Park to Unley. Amongst other things I was on the Collingrove committee and am still pleased to see the trees we watered regularly growing well. When V-Max came along, I’m proud to say I supported that move, and the creation of the burn-out pad (sadly now defunct). Currently I am a member of The Vintage Collingrove Hillclimb Committee and volunteer regularly at Mallala. So, you can see that I have supported the whole Club. Through my ongoing involvement in Historic Racing I have been honoured to receive a CAMS Service Star. Even now I wish to continue supporting the growth and consolidation of this Club. I want to share my experience and sense of history with the Committee as we move forward. I would also like to update the Constitution, bringing it into line with modern thinking and requirements. I also believe that I am very approachable, and listen well.


At 28 years old, I am a younger member of the club and have been the youngest member of our Management Committee ('ManCom') for the past four years.

I am deeply passionate about our club, its illustrious history and traditions as well as its future and longevity. I am ever mindful of the importance of promoting our club to the younger generation.

COVID-19 has presented a number of challenges for our club and ManCom needs now more than ever to have a clear plan for the future of our wonderful club.

My experience as both a small business owner and solicitor have proven to be an ongoing asset to our club’s management committee and I want to continue to be of assistance to our club.  I am heavily involved with the strategic direction of our club and have offered my professional skills on a regular basis in assisting ManCom with various legal and compliance issues throughout the four years that I have served on ManCom.

Above all, I believe that I am a very approachable person who listens to anyone and judges ideas on their merits alone. I frequently attend meetings and events and am always contactable on 0414414520 or via email at

Please consider me when voting and feel free to contact me at any time.


I seek your support for re-election to the Management Committee (ManCom).

If given that privilege I will continue to do my best to ensure that the views of all members and Sections of the Club are considered with equal respect. It is essential that ManCom safeguard the long‑term future of club assets, build membership by encouraging enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, and promote member involvement in the various activities that our Club can offer – from outright motorsport events to touring events in veteran, vintage, classic or modern vehicles, or just enjoying a “good read” from our outstanding automotive Library.

With a passion for cars and motorsport since childhood, employment spanning both public and private sectors, and careers in science, computing and executive management, I believe I have the motoring interests and professional skills required to continue to participate as an effective ManCom member. I currently serve as a member of the Club’s Finance Committee and Resource sub‑committee, I am a member of the Classic and Modern Section Committee, serve as the Club delegate to the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs (which oversees the Historic Registration Scheme), provide regular volunteer assistance in the Club office and assist at Collingrove hillclimb.

Lastly, it is my personal opinion that in light of our history and the strength of our membership that positive promotion of the Club to the wider community must occur at every opportunity so that we are seen as a pivotal voice on motoring and motorsport matters in South Australia.


I am again standing for election as a member of the Management Committee having previously served several terms on ManCom, including as Club Secretary from 2010 to 2013.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am retired with a young outlook on life and drive a Toyota GTS86, been a Member for 18 years and have actively encouraged younger members to both join and participate in the Sporting Car Club. Previously, I was a Classic Section Committee Member 2003-2011, and Chairperson for the years 2006/2007.

Having been a Member of the Collingrove Hillclimb Committee from 2011 and I am still an enthusiastic and regular volunteer at hillclimb events and Working Bees. Also involved with Clipsal 500 as a Sporting Car Club volunteer from 2003 – 2018. I “put my hand up” for most things at the Club with an active role assisting when requested and also consistently attend the monthly General Meetings. Being passionate about the Club and committed to the concept that membership in out Club is about having fun and enjoying the company of like-minded people. I would like the opportunity of being able to represent and pursue your wishes on the Management Committee.

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