Hillclimb is a speed event, where one car and driver runs over a defined uphill winding course, from a standing start, against the clock. In competition, cars are classified into categories so as to have cars of like potential performance competing against each other. However, the real contest is the individual one where each driver tries on each run to improve their individual time i.e., the hill and the clock vs the car and the driver. Competitors claim Hillclimb to be the best fun you can have sitting down with a seat belt on!

Each year there is the four round Collingrove Challenge Trophy Multiclub, the four round Wintercup series, two Come & Try days for amateurs and the South Australian Hillclimb Championships. We also host the Australian Hillclimb Championships and Australian Masters Games when these rotations are allocated to South Australia.

In October, we get a blast from the past when the Vintage cars and their drivers venture up the hill for Vintage Collingrove. Records are not broken but cars often are in an amazing spectacle of automobiles from our past.


Open to everyone, not just SCCSA members, the Multi Club Series offers competitors four rounds up at the Collingrove Hillclimb track! 

2020 Dates:

R1: April 19th

R2: May 31st

R3: July 19th

R4: August 23rd


New to hillclimbing or motorsport? Our Come and Try events offer entrants the opportunity to test their skills in a non-competitive and fun nature.

2020 Dates:

C&T 1: April 18th

C&T 2: August 22nd


Exclusive to SCCSA members, competitors get the opportunity to compete in four rounds of hillclimbing at Collingrove! Compete against your personal time as well as that of fellow club members. 

2020 Dates:

R1: March 22nd

R2: May 3rd

R3: June 28th

R4: August 9th

Collingrove Hillclimb

The Sporting Car Club owns and operates the Collingrove Hillclimb track in the Barossa Valley. It is situated approximately 7km south of Angaston, off the Angaston to Mt Pleasant Rd. It has been in operation since the early 1950’s and has seen some of Australia’s most famous hillclimb vehicles and competitors run its testing course.

The track itself is 750 metres of challenging asphalt, climbing nearly 70 metres from the start line to the finish. The club has recently upgraded the return road with an asphalt surface. For spectators the track offers numerous vantage points and picnic areas while the new Clubrooms and deck provide a higher up vantage point of the start line!


Any sort of car may run in competition as long as it passes a safety check – so your daily driver is OK. Some categories have more defined requirements – though to start with, an ordinary car will do. If you haven’t competed before and would just like to have a go, enter for a Come & Try event – a low cost and simple way to experience your first hillclimb.

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