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The Tradition Continues


The History

The first Friday in November is iconic for those of us that remember the F1 Grand Prix’s that ran at the Adelaide Parklands Circuit. While it was a fantastic motorsport event, there were many extra events that helped make the Grand Prix a week long party!

The Climb to the Eagle was one of those events. John Blanden organised a run from Hutt Street to the Eagle on the Hill hotel for special interest and historic racing cars to drive on the city streets up the “old” road to the Eagle on the Hill for a morning tea.

This event has continued since the Grand Prix left our state and has become a great motoring event.


Guest Speakers

John Bannon – Premier of South Australia

Sam Ciccarello – Executive Director 1995

Leyland George

John Blanden

Glenn Dix

Dale Sinclair – Media and Public Relations Manager

Glen Jones – Event Manager 1995

Terry Jackson – Aviation

Vince Ciccarello – Historic Garage

Glen Dix - 2006

Neville Pym – Official - 2007

Jeff Mattner – Motor Sports Events - 2008

Simon Spedding - 2009

John Illingworth - 2010

Bill McKenna - 2011

Bob Jennings - 2012

John Stoneham – 2013

Colin Bond – 2014

John Bannon & Mal Hemmerling – 2015

Carlo Luneeta – 2016

Rob Kelvin - 2017

Jeremy Cordeuax – 2018

Tim Schenken OAM – 2019

Malcolm Ramsay – 2021

Mike Drewer  - 2022

Richard Blanden - 2023

??? - 2024

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The Cars


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