The Club

The Sporting Car Club was founded in 1934, making us the second oldest continually running car club in the World. Our 1,700 members all love cars and taking part in motorsport.

Much of what the Sporting Car Club is about is motorsport. We run many circuit and hillclimb events each year, offering members and the general public the opportunity to experience the racing line.

Upon arriving at the club, members have the opportunity to join several club sections depending on their automotive interests. Veteran and Vintage, Classic and Modern, Hillclimb, HQ Racing, Historic Race Register and Circuit Competition. These individual sections offer members a range of monthly events including meetings and runs. A weekend where there isn’t anything to do is a rare occasion at the Sporting Car Club.

Our collection of motorsport and motoring information in our magnificent Eric Rainsford Library is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere. Club members have access to our impressive collection of motoring books. Over 7,000 volumes including workshop manuals, spare parts lists, motoring journals and books are available for members to borrow and research.

The club is extremely proud that His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO is the Club Patron, continuing the great Club history of patronage by the Govenor of South Australia.


Following an event for veteran cars and motorcycles in Victoria in 1931, Dr Cliff Downing thought it a possibility to have a similar event in Adelaide. With the help of Percy Wien-Smith, the hunt for early vehicles began in 1932. By mid 1933 information about  quite a few cars had come in and a meeting was held on December 14th, 1933 to start organising an event.

On January 16th, 1934, thirteen cars were in running condition and a formal meeting was held at which the Veteran Car Club of SA was formed and a committee elected to organise the formal side of the club. The Old Crocks Run was to be held on Anzac Day, but the RSSAILA State Branch objected, so a later date was of May 5th was chosen.

The 18 pre-1914 cars and 10 motorcycles left the city and travelled to Glenelg via the Highway Inn for a water stop for the radiators. The vehicles paraded around the Glenelg Oval at the half time interval of the day’s football match. The vehicles were also enjoyed by thousands who lined the route and the press treated the vehicles as a joke in their reports.

The second veteran car club in the world had been formed and held its first event.

This was the event which led to the foundation of the Veteran Car Club of SA which then became the Sporting Car Club, thus making the Veteran Section of the SCC of SA the second oldest old car club in the world.

Our Events

The Sporting Car Club holds motorsport events and competitions and has traditionally run the majority of circuit racing events at Mallala but are now utilising the newly opened facilities of the Bend Motorsport Park in Tailem Bend. These events include the five round CAMS State Championship series, All Historic National Race meeting, Multi Club Series and the Winter Cup Series. We also run national, state and club events at our very own Collingrove Hillclimb track. This enables us to offer members and guests the opportunity to participate in both circuit and hillclimb motorsport. Our biggest event, Adelaide Motorsport Festival brings in car enthusiasts from around Australia to the old Adelaide Grand Prix circuit to help celebrate automotive from yesterday as well as today.

For those not into the adrenaline sports, the differing sections of the club offer members monthly runs, meets and other fun social gatherings including the popular Sunseeker Rally and Fleurieu May Day Run. John Blanden’s Climb to the Eagle held just before the Adelaide Grand Prix each year is legendary and continues to be hugely successful despite Formula One leaving the state over two decades ago. All events are organised by the club’s staff and volunteers of the sections while the events office runs the motor sport events.

Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Our biggest event of the year, the Adelaide Motorsport Festival has quickly risen to the second biggest automotive event in South Australia – right behind the Supercars Championship event, the Adelaide 500!

The 2018 event held this December will mark five years of the AMF! Hosted at the old Grand Prix track, Victoria Park, the event celebrates the now extinguished Adelaide Grand Prix held between 1985 and 1995! In addition to bringing back the Adelaide Era Grand Prix cars, the event attracts many of the world’s fastest, most exclusive and rarest pieces of automotive. From brands like Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Nissan, Brabham, the AMF has something for everyone!

The impressive display of cars both on and off of track has attracted fans from not just around South Australia but from the rest of the country. Join us this December as you never know what dream car will make an appearance!

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