Our Library

Our collection of motorsport and motoring information in our magnificent Eric Rainsford Library, is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

The library offers club members workshop manuals, spare parts lists, current motoring journals and motoring books in addition to videos and DVDs. Over 7000 volumes available to members and for research, to non-members.

As the reading room, the latest motoring magazines can be perused and the knowledge of the library team tapped for research and reminiscing, while the annual book and magazine sale provides an opportunity for people to add or complete their personal collections.

Opening Hours

10.00am to 4.00pm

10.00am to 1.00pm.

Largest Collection in the southern hemisphere

Workshop Manuals

Looking for a specific workshop manual or spare parts list of a particular car from the 90’s? We probably have it! Our library staff pride themselves on the preserving of these historical artefacts.

Motoring Journals

Check back at the complete collections of many of Australia’s as well as the rest of the world’s best automotive magazines. We have the complete collections of the likes of Wheels, Octane, Motorsport and the club’s very own WheelSpin Magazine!

Videos & DVD

In addition to our magnificent collection of books, we also have content from the digital media through both VHS and DVD. Our collection includes documentaries on some of the most iconic automotive brands as well as the many iconic Motorsport competitors.

Looking for something specific? Contact the Library direct.

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