One of the key areas of the Sporting Car Club, is the motorsport. Many of our members join for the benefits in motorsport. Members are given special discount to events as both spectators and competitors. As a member, the opportunity to register for a CAMS license becomes available.

We offer many opportunities throughout the year for our members as well as the general public to experience motorsport. Whether it be circuit or hillclimb, the Sporting Car Club offers it! We host several circuit racing events a year at both the Bend Motorsport Park and Mallala Motorsport Park. We also host many events at our very own Collingrove Hillclimb track.

We cater for all types of motorsport levels from professional leagues to beginners.

Head over to our Motorsport Results page to see the results from all our events of the past few years.

Hillclimb is a speed event, where one car and driver runs over a defined uphill winding course, from a standing start, against the clock.  In competition, cars are classified into categories so as to have cars of like potential performance competing against each other.  However, the real contest is the individual one where each driver tries on each run to improve their individual time i.e., the hill and the clock v’s the car and the driver. Competitors claim Hillclimb to be the best fun you can have sitting down with a seat belt on!

Any sort of car may run in competition as long as it passes a safety check.  So your daily driver is OK.  Some particular categories have more defined requirements – though to start with an ordinary car will do. If you haven’t competed before and would just like to have a go, enter for a Come & Try event – a low cost and simple way to experience your first hillclimb

The Sporting Car Club owns and operates the Collingrove Hillclimb track in the Barossa Valley. It is situated approx 7km south of Angaston off the Angaston to Mt Pleasant Rd. It has been in operation since the early 1950’s and has seen some of Australia’s most famous hillclimb vehicles and competitors run its testing course.

The track itself is 750 metres of challenging asphalt, climbing nearly 70 metres from the start line to the finish. The club has recently upgraded the return road with an asphalt surface. For spectators the track offers numerous vantage points and picnic areas while the new Clubrooms and deck provide a base suitable for Clubs or organisations that arrange a run to a Hillclimb meeting to cater and socialise.

Each year there are three Collingrove Challenge Trophy Multiclub Events, the four round Wintercup series, Come & Try Days and the South Australian Hillclimb Championships. We also host the Australian Hillclimb Championships and Australian Masters Games when these rotations are allocated to South Australia. See the Events Page for dates and the Motorsport Entry section for information on how to enter.

Please contact Naomi in the Motorsport Office on 8271 5689 for more details on hillclimb events and how to enter.

Circuit Racing

The Sporting Car Club has held Circuit Racing meetings at Mallala Motorsport Park (MMP) for many years now. As of 2018, with the opening of The Bend Motorsport Park, we now host circuit racing events at both events, offering competitors a variety of tracks and experiences. Circuit racing is different to the other club events held at MMP (like Regularity and Super Sprints) because it is a contest between competitors instead of with yourself. You need a Circuit Racing Licence and a compliant car with a racing Log book to compete. This is the highest level of amateur motorsport activity and being crowned “Master of Mallala” is the prize. The place to find out even more about circuit racing and vehicle regulations is the CAMS website  .

Entry Classes
All CAMS recognised classes can be entered. If there are too few competitors to front a full field of cars  classes are combined in similar speed and vehicle types to give as many entrants as possible someone to race against. If you are from interstate and you fancy coming over, contact our events office on (08) 8271 5689 to find out where you’ll fit in. If you want to bring your class over for a round of something different then we will welcome you and give you a start for sure.

Get involved
If you love your motorsport, but don’t want to get behind the wheel, you can help officiate with organisational or on-track tasks. The camaraderie is brilliant, the thrill enormous and you’ll never get closer to the action. You will be provided with all the training you’ll need.

More info
For more information about the events or volunteering please contact Naomi at our events office on (08) 8271 5689 or email on [email protected]

It’s easy to drive a fast car quickly – driving a near standard HQ Kingswood, complete with 3.3 litre six and 3 speed manual, now that’s a challenge! The concept of racing HQ Holdens was “invented” in Tasmania and introduced to mainland Australia by the Sporting Car Club, who promoted the first race at Mallala in 1989.

This category has re-defined the term “close racing”, with racers diving 3 abreast into corners with amazing regularity. The best part for would-be racers is that – in relative terms at least – racing a HQ Holden is an inexpensive way to enter into competitive motor sport. After the initial purchase of the car, strict regulations ensure that maintenance and modification costs are kept to a minimum.

With everyone using the same cars, there’s no shortage of advice for newcomers from experienced racers on how to tune cars and improve lap times (although not too much!).

For Information on how to get involved racing HQ’s get in contact with Darren Jenkins on 0438 270 640.

Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month February to November. Meeting locations and event dates are detailed on the Events Page and other news is reported in the Club magazine, WheelSpin.

Historic Racing Register

Old racing cars never die – they just keep getting faster, and so do their owners! The Sporting Car Club’s Historic Racing Register promotes and documents historic racing in South Australia.

The highlight of the historic racing calendar is the annual All Historic National Race Meeting, held over the ANZAC Weekend. Plenty of rare cars, racing at Mallala, including under lights, plus social events. Many competitors consider this to be the last remaining Historic meeting with the real feel of what Historic motoring is all about – companionship, conversation, cars and competition.

For more information, see the Entry section of the Motorsport Tab or the Club magazine – WheelSpin, or contact the Club office.

All categories of Historic cars are catered for at the All Historic National Race Meting, as well as the opportunity to compete in the 4 rounds of the Master of Mallala series and the regular programme of hillclimb events. The Vintage Speed Hillclimb celebrates pre-war motorsport at Collingrove each year while John Blanden’s Climb to the Eagle run is the social run on the first Friday of November to celebrate and commemorate Adelaide’s place in history as host of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix from 1985-1995. All of this is before you even consider heading interstate.

Meeting locations and dates are detailed on the Events Page and other news is reported in the Club magazine, WheelSpin.