Become a member of the Sporting Car Club of SA and enjoy the many benefits a club membership can offer you. The club caters for all motoring enthusiasts with activities and events including circuit competition, hillclimb, touring, volunteering and much more. As a member you will also receive discounts and behind the scenes access to many events, some of which include the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, Adelaide Rally and any SCCSA event held at The Bend Motorsport Park, Mallala Motorsport Park or Collingrove; not to mention the general touring and social events across the state.  ​Also as a member, you are entitled to Conditional Registration for cars over 30 years in age and you can apply for a CAMS licence if you wish to be involved in motorsport. Just ask the office staff for more information.​ Upon becoming a member you will receive a copy of our complimentary monthly WheelSpin Magazine and Big Week Newsletter.

Some of the other benefits of being a SCCSA member:

  • Access to the Eric Rainsford Library
  • Conditional registration for vehicles over 30 years of age
  • WheelSpin Magazine and the Big Week email communication
  • Competitor discount to SCCSA events
  • Spectator discount to SCCSA events (free spectator entry to Collingrove)
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in club runs, events and meetings
  • SCCSA is a CAMS affiliated club which means you are able to register for a CAMS license

Motorsport Benefits

One of the bigger motivators behind getting a SCCSA Membership is the benefits one gets with motorsport. Fistly, the Sporting Car Club of South Australia is a CAMS affiliated club which means our members can register for a CAMS license. CAMS will only issue a license if the applicant is a member of a CAMS affiliated club.

In addition to getting CAMS, members will receive exclusive discount to SCCSA events both as competitors and spectators. These events include the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, Adelaide Rally, Multi-Club Hillclimb Championship, Winter Cup Hillclimb, CAMS State Championship amoung others. Members now have the opportunity to compete at the Bend Motorsport Park, Mallala Motorsport Park and our very own Collingrove Hillclimb! Enter in enough events and members will save more in member discount than what they spent in membership!

Conditional Registration

For cars older than 30 years, they can be registered under club historic registration. You can register your car for up to three years and will be able to drive it up to 90 days a year. Being a Sporting Car Club of South Australia member will give you the opportunity to register your car under these circumstances. 

WheelSpin Magazine

As a member you will receive our WheelSpin Magazine. Having just been redesigned, the magazine has begun a new and exciting phase in its almost 60 years of existence! Members can enjoy their monthly issue, keeping informed with what’s happening with the club as well as exciting monthly feature articles.

Readers get the opportunity to place private advertisements in the Marketplace free of charge, sharing their cars and other objects with the other 1,700 members.


Once joining the Sporting Car Club community, you will have freedom to then join any of the sections available. Have an interest in Vintage cars? Then join the Veteran and Vintage Sections! The Sporting Car Club has several sections members can join including the Veteran and Vintage Sections, Classic and Modern Section, HQ Section, Historic Race Register Section, Hillclimb Section and Competition Section.

Each of these sections offer monthly events and social gatherings. Members will find a whole array of things to do on weekends and will never find a boring weekend with nothing to do!

Members also have the opportunity to join a section committee. Committee members work with others sharing the same interest and passion to create events and fun activities for those sections to be enjoyed by the many active members!



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