The following six members have nominated to join the next Management Committee, to which there are five positions available, as current committee member Keith Williamson is the uncontested nominee for the Club President. To vote, follow the link at the bottom of this page or head into the clubrooms. Voting closes on the 4th of September/Annual General Meeting night. Results will be announced at the meeting. All full SCCSA members are permitted to vote regardless of age – excluding associate and junior members under the age of 28.


Guy Chick

(if successful, will accept position of Treasurer)  

I am seeking appointment to the Management Committee and in particular the Treasurer’s position. This follows my approach to the current Treasurer, Brian Edwards some eighteen months ago, offering assistance. Brian advised of his wish to retire from the position and it was arranged to share time with him to gain some insight into the responsibilities and processes associated with the Treasurer role.

I have been in financial administration and finance / general management roles throughout my entire career. Commencing with the Bank of New South Wales (Westpac) in 1969 through various branches in country New South Wales and eventually Broken Hill, where I have spent 45 years in the following employ and roles:

  • Broken Hill City Council – Senior Electricity Clerk whilst undertaking accounting and local government studies. (Am a Fellow of the Institute of Practicing Accountants).
  • Zinc Corporation (Conzinc Rio Tinto Australia – CRA – owned) – Revenue Accountant;
  •  Broken Hill City Council – Manager Financial Services; City Treasurer.
  • Australian Inland Energy – General Manager Commercial Services.
  • Country Energy/Essential Energy – Regional General Manager Far West and Water Operations – Electricity distribution in Far West New South Wales and water treatment and distribution in Broken Hill

These later roles included significant stakeholder relationships ranging from local and state governments, unions, media, audit committees, business and customer groups, community committees and pricing regulators to corporate executives and board members.

Since retiring and moving to Adelaide and joining the SCCSA in 2016, I have observed what running the Club is about and appreciated the like-minded ‘car’ people that are the club. My application is based on the desire to provide a meaningful and effective contribution to that ‘running’ through the Treasurer role.


Rob Mead

(nominated to re-elect for the Management Committee – current CAMS delegate)  

I joined the Sporting Car Club of SA in 1978 and have enjoyed continuous membership since then. In 1987 I was awarded the Eldred Norman Trophy for meritorious service to the club and in 2003, I was thrilled to be honoured with Life Membership of the club.

In my time with the SCC, I have been an occasional competitor, Clerk of Course, or Secretary of the Meeting at Mallala, Adelaide International Raceway, the Clipsal 500 and Collingrove and I continue to be involved at most race meetings in various capacities. I also served for several years on the Executive Committee (as it was then) during my 15 year term as Competition Secretary.

Currently, I am a member of the Competition Committee, I serve as the CAMS Delegate and welcome new members to the Club at monthly general meetings. I am passionate about our Club and while our assets, the King William Road premises, Collingrove, and of course our bank balance must be wisely administrated, it is our members who are the foundation of the Sporting Car Club and it is their interests which must always come first.


Ruth Day

I have been a member of the Sporting Car Club since 1993 when my husband Steve bought me membership for our wedding anniversary. I have been an active member since that time, supporting Steve at Mallala and Collingrove, volunteering in the admin office at Mallala and the Clipsal 500, being timing officer at Collingrove, organising events and taking an active role on various Club committees including as chairman. I am currently Chairman of the Veteran and Vintage Sections, but have also previously served on the old Executive Committee and the Management Committee.

I have a long standing respect for this Club and its members. My aim in standing for the Management Committee are to represent the interests of the Club’s touring sections, to provide feedback to the membership, to promote a holistic approach to club events and to promote the SCCSA as the premier motoring club in SA.


Chris Frost

Born Riverton 1957 – Farm boy for 15 years. Moved to Belair in 1974. Apprenticeship at Kelvinators 1975 with Craig Sparks (he introduced me to the SCC). Joined SCC in 1976 and immediately competed in Mudsprints and at Collingrove, became a flag marshal at AIR. In 1989 started the first HQ committee as Member HQRSA (HQ Racing SA), helped form HQRSA became a section of SCC. Two years as Competition Secretary of HQRSA. Re-joined SCC, did Mudsprints with my son until they finished. Started in 2001 All About Cars as a licensed vehicle dealer until present (trust me I’m a used car salesman). Raced Group N 2010-2015. HTCA Committee Member 2010-2015. HTCA Club person of the year 2013 and Social Secretary 2013-2014. 2013-2018 HRR Committee. Now competing in Historic Racing with a Hartwig Fargo Group K.

I believe experience in running a small business for 20 years, passion for all types of cars and love for this great Club and all the Sections will bring a balanced and informed point of view to keeping this Club’s history and future intact. My aim is to create a more fun and humored club environment to be enjoyed by all. I would be honoured to serve on this Club’s Management Committee.


John Brownsea

Being allowed just 150 words to outline my objectives as a committee doesn’t allow for much comment!

Firstly Collingrove – in fighting, personal agendas and lack of real control resulted in the crisis that has yet to be resolved in a positive manner.

I have handed over part 1 of a plan to change the way it is managed. I have also offered to enable the construction of a roof structure that is required – but no action. In 1987 I enabled the shed and scrutineering bay to be built at no cost to the club.

Collingrove doesn’t need costly development proposals – rather the effective maintenance of this historical motorsport venue; combined with the basic farming practices applied to remainder of the land. We should also recognize the generosity of the club member whose gift enabled the continuation of Collingrove.

I want to see a full review of your current use of what I envisioned when, in August’ 91 as President of the club, I signed the contract for the purchase of the property.
Several attempts to sell it and move elsewhere since then have led to confusion, uncertainty and lost opportunities. Its capital appreciation however has been impressive!

The club needs an on-going business/development plan that involves members in achieving attainable outcomes. We need to be able alert to those that simply want to spend the clubs money on self-indulgent ventures.

The car and motor sport in general face ever increasing change and the club must be ready to take charge of the opportunities that will come our way. Will we rely on the good luck or be rewarded by sound planning?

That’s a bit over 150 words – phone 0414 620 623 to hear the 750 words I couldn’t include!!


John Bryant

I am by club standards a relatively new member, only just over 20 years and have been on the HRR committee for all of that time.

I have served on management in the past and have had many other involvement during that time, AMF Committee 2015, Small Car Sunday for several years, volunteered at Adelaide and Melbourne AGP’s, AMF and other Club Events. I have been on the CAMS Historic Commission for 5 years and a current member.
I was on the Board for the proposed Tailem Bend race track when it was managed by a not for profit group.

Professionally I have been involved in upgrades to the Clubrooms and Collingrove. I am passionate about the Club and as such decided to nominate to help secure the future of the Club and be involved in its direction during these interesting times.

I am not afraid of making tough decisions when and where necessary.


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